The loud dog next door

That was to buy a portable air conditioning system.

I really do like my neighbor, so do not get me wrong there. My neighbor always helps me with things, is the most friendly and helpful person I believe that I have ever known in years! However, there is one thing about my neighbor that really bothers me, and sadly, I can not actually complain about it without being insulting. That is, that her dog is a real loud mouthed noise maker. Others in the neighborhood that do not know my neighbor as well as I do have thought about reporting it to the local police and the home owners people. It really gets bad when people are trying to sleep. So, I figured out a way to drown the dog out while making my bedroom feel nice and cool. That was to buy a portable air conditioning system. The portable air conditioning system drowns out this evil loud dog’s barking when I am trying to get a good night’s sleep. Even if it is a little cold outside, if I have the portable air conditioning system set on the highest possible thermostat setting on the fan function, it will still drown out that awful dog of her’s. I do not know why she keeps that dog around…maybe for protection, because it is pretty big and scary. But I am just so happy for my portable air conditioning system, because without the portable air conditioning system, I may have had to upset my neighbor and end our friendship over how I feel about this awful dog! So praise the portable air conditioning system for saving a good friendship, and letting me get some decent sleep.


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