How did I get so lucky?

Ever since I met my partner I have been feeling like the luckiest person in the world.

We have been together for nearly five years now, and every year seems to get better and better. One thing that I have noticed and heard when talking to friends and family that have been in long term relationships is that over time they begin to fight over little things like problems with the house or not cleaning out the car. One thing that I appreciate the most about my partner is the fact that they are extremely skilled and adamant about keeping up with our air conditioning unit. We own a home deep in the south where the summer temperatures can reach up to 100 degrees at times, but I hardly ever feel the need to worry about the weather because the home is always so cool and refreshing. My partner isn’t a certified HVAC repair tech or anything like that, they simply have always been talented when it comes to those types of things. Thanks to their skill in this type of thing I feel so much less stress when it comes to having to schedule repair checks with the local HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company and all of the other stuff that you have to do when you can’t take care of it on your own. I think that most people would pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars to have a personal HVAC repair tech, and lucky for me I get one for free! What in the heck did I do to get this lucky?

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