It was a long day at work

Most days while I am out on my 9-5 job time seems to fly by.

I have always loved my job and I knew that I wanted to be in this line of work since I was a teenager.

Over the years working at my company I have also been lucky enough to make some amazing friends that I will be close with long after my career working as an HVAC repairman days are over. Despite how much I love my job on most days, however, there are still some moments where this job drives me crazy. In most circumstances where I am having a bad day at work are the days when I am forced to deal with rude customers. There was one lady last week that I was trying to help when she called over to the store claiming that her brand new air conditioning unit had broken down. After I drove my work truck over to her house and I took an initial look at it for myself however, it was clear to see that this “brand new” air conditioning unit was far from that. This old heap of metal was so worn down and rusty that if you told me it was the first air conditioning model ever created I would believe you! Once I told the lady that the problem had to do with the units age, all hell broke loose. She began berating me, calling me a liar and claiming that I am just trying to get her to buy a new a/c unit from the store. Luckily for me instances like this occur only 1% of the time, but when these people do come around it always makes me second guess my career choice.

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