Trying to change my wifes ways

From the moment that I met my wife nearly ten years ago, I knew that I was going to spend the rest of my days with her and start a family together.

The first conversation that we had with each other felt so easy and natural, almost as if we had already met each other before.

We ended up meeting while I was on vacation seeing a buddy of mine, but after spending a week on the island where she was from I ended up heading back home with her. Once we began living together and the honeymoon phase began to fade we started to finally see how different we really were from each other on some things. For example, for the first few months of living with me my wife would always protest and throw a fit whenever I would try to turn on the air conditioning unit. Back where she is from on that small island they never used any form of air conditioning, and they had all been taught since a very young age that air conditioning was extremely bad for a person’s health. It wasn’t until I took her to my local doctor and had her explain to my wife that running an air conditioning unit every once in awhile would have no affect on her health that she finally allowed it to stay on. Times sure have changed since that first year of living together, and to be honest I think that she is more of a fan of modern HVAC luxuries such as a/c units and heating units than I am these days!

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