A very unlucky day

Back when I was in college I always felt like I was being equipped with all of the skills I would need to be a successful adult after I graduated. I played sports when I was in college and I also had an extremely difficult degree, and with having to balance my time and work so hard I always had a feeling that life was going to be easy after this. I mean, how much more difficult could it really get? Well, I found out after buying my first house on a small ranch outside of town that I had no idea how hard life can be on your own. The thing that hit me the hardest after graduation was how tricky and expensive it is to maintain an old farmhouse. The heated gas furnace in my home is extremely old and run down and needed to be repaired, something that the realtor just so happened to leave out while taking me on a tour. As I was looking for the right HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company to hire I was blown away at all of the places there were to choose from! Some of them were more expensive than others but had better reviews, and some of them were dirt cheap but had terrible reviews. I ended up taking the middle ground and hired a somewhat affordable HVAC company. Once the heated gas furnace is taken care of, I still have a list of 20+ other things that need to be addressed, but at least I am making a bit of progress.


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