The big game with the inlaws

Last weekend when my wife asked me if I wanted to go to the big football game in town I thought she was joking.

Despite what many people assume when they first meet me, I am not a big sports fan.

I never played sports in high school, watched sports growing up as a kid, and I didn’t go to any of the sports games while I was in college. Instead of focusing on sports I was more interested in honing my skills as an HVAC repair tech, and working on art and music things in my freetime. My girlfriend was adamant about me going to this game however because her parents were in town and they had press box seats. After talking for what seemed like forever I eventually conceded and agreed to go. Once we arrived to the game with her parents however, I was blown away at how nice the press box seats were! We had a private room with a state of the art heating and cooling unit that kept the room nice and toasty on this chilly November evening. To go along with the heating and cooling unit, the press box seats had a lovely view of the stadium as well as a full private buffet. I’ll tell you what, being able to watch a game when you have quality heating and unlimited food and beer, it can be a pretty good time! I still don’t think that I will be going to any other games anytime soon, but if my wife’s parents come back into town and have some more press box seats, I won’t argue.


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