The dreaded overnight shift

Working the overnight shift at a hospital could be classified as a form of cruel and unusual punishment.

That’s what my opinion is at least! I work as a nurse for a living and for the past few months I have been working the night shift at the hospital in town. The pay is a little bit better compared to working normal hospital hours, but I don’t know how much longer I will be able to do this. Adjusting my sleeping schedule hasn’t been the hard part, the worst thing of it all is how cold the hospital gets in the night! I have a feeling that the industrial grade heating and cooling unit in the hospital doesn’t feel as powerful as it usually is in the day when there are thousands of people milling around and all of the bulky medical instruments aren’t running around. As you might have already pieced together by now, I quickly found that it is extremely cold working the overnight shift. I was so cold at one point that my teeth began to chatter and I had no other ideas other than to call my partner and have them bring in the portable heating and cooling unit we have at home. I’m not allowed to have any guests visit me at work according to the work guidelines, but I also don’t think I am supposed to freeze to death at work so I had him come and drop off the unit anyways. With the combination of my trusty heating and cooling unit combined with some black coffee, I think I will be able to get past these overnight shifts.

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