Worst AC ever

When I was getting our undergraduate degree, I suppose I had the lowest quality life that I’ve experienced so far.

I had bought our buddy’s degree in transferred into a major university to complete our bachelors.

I did not have much currency whatsoever, as well as our family was more bad than I was. Therefore, I wound up finding random roommates online as well as moving into a four-study room apartment that cost $200 a week. I barely could afford to eat as well as existed on granola bars as well as ramen, then of course, the apartment was not better than our nutritional quality. The indoor air conditions of this place was disastrous, however when the two of us moved in, I remember having to sign waivers stating that the two of us understood there were potential toxins as well as hazards inside the apartment building. They did not legitimately bother upgrading it, as well as that included the heating cooling as well as ventilation plan that the two of us all try to employ through extreme weather, then every one of us experienced not only the extreme low rapidly changing temperatures of Wintertide time, however to the incredible heat as well as humidity of numerous hard Summers as well, then at no point did it suppose prefer the two of us had reasonable heating cooling or air quality control unit in the apartment. In fact, the two of us barely had any cooling plan whatsoever. Every summer time was spent collecting a box fans as well as spreading them through the apartment in the desperate attempt to create a refreshing breeze. Of course, blowing hot air around does not help. All the two of us ever did was create more low-quality, dirty air to breathe. It’s particularly no surprise, these low air quality years were also the most sickly times of our life.

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