Cold weather is for romance – I actually want to be touched

This is the kind of weird topic, but I am struggling in relationships.

  • I’ve actually found that certain whether can help me out when it comes to forming new romantic partnerships.

I’m not sure if anybody else has noticed this before? There are certain times of the year that I am not interested in being anywhere near another human body. Living in the South, this is a majority of the seasons. Most of the time, it’s extremely hot and humid it down here, and the last thing that I want is another sticky body touching my sweaty skin. Cranking the air conditioning inside to help rectify the miserable outdoor air temperature is only a solution for so long. At a certain point, your central air conditioning system is costing you more money and stress than it is relieving discomfort. eventually, it’s going to be a bit warm and stagnant inside, and I don’t need somebody complicating my indoor comfort. I have a hard enough time just trying to fall asleep at night in the residual heat of the sweltering day. The last thing I need is another person’s heat contributing to my discomfort. I really find that to be the optimal time for me to be forming new relationships is when the cool air begins to flow through our region in fall. Something about cool, crisp fall air and the thought of looming winter time finally starts to call me down. At that point, I can finally find merit in keeping another person nearby. Call me crazy, but I have to consider my indoor air temperature needs when it comes to relationships.


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