Farming sure has come a long way

When you picture a farmer, you probably see a person out in the hot sun working the land all day.

This is probably because that is how they have always been depicted in stories and books.

However, the face of farming has changed drastically over the course of the last two decades. This is not to say that this line of work is easy, but it has become more streamlined and comfortable to be a large farming family. Many of the things that used to be done by hand are simply not any longer and technology has taken over some to the arduous tasks of days gone by. One of the major changes that has taken place is the overall abilities of farming equipment. Like many other facets of industry the equipment used in modern-day farming has improved to make the life of the farmer a bit easier. Huge pieces of machinery are now programmable and can easily prepare a large field for planting within a couple of hours versus the old way of doing that. These tractors now have ways of saving on fuel, are more like driving a car or playing a video game and even have climate controlled cabs to keep the operator comfortable. If a farmer is fortunate enough to afford this type of machinery then he not only saves time, he is much happier with his job. The job is more like sitting in a car all day than riding a tractor. Having a climate controlled cab to work from is much better than riding around in the hot sun or pouring rain all day for sure.



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