An easy fix for my leaky ductwork

When my wife asked me to help clean out the attic I dreaded the task. Not that I don’t want to help but I knew it would be a battle. I have always been the practical one in the family and don’t see the sense in keeping everything that we no longer use. She, on the other hand, is very sentimental and wants to keep everything that our children ever touched. I knew it was going to be a lengthy process and a battle over getting rid of things. When we first went up there I noticed that it was warmer than usual. Seeing as this was a winter project I was appreciative of it at first. Then, as we got to work it became downright uncomfortable. I also started to think that I needed to check the insulation because I shouldn’t be paying to heat the attic that much. My stored items did not need to be comfortable after all. As we started to move boxes around I discovered why it was so warm. Some of the items had fallen against the ductwork and there was a seam that had started to come apart. I tried fitting it back together and it worked for the most part but I wanted to seal it properly. I headed to the local hardware store and found that they sell an aluminum tape for fixing problems like that. I bought a couple of rolls because I decided to seal all the seams as a precaution. This was an easy fix and I was glad to know that this was the cause of the added heat to that space.


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