We don’t need to be in such a hurry to get to fall

It seems to me that everyone is in a pressing rush for fall to go ahead plus get here! Everywhere I go lately, people have their pumpkins plus gourds out in their yards, along with all kinds of other interesting fall decorations. Not only that, all of the pop shops plus bakeries are already trying to sell pumpkin spice drinks plus muffins. I realize it’s absolutely ridiculous, since the weather around here hasn’t even truly started cooling as of yet. All of us are still running our air conditioning machine at home, plus in my book, that means it’s still summer season time. I mean, unless I’ve had to switch the temperature control over from cooling to heating, then technically it’s still just summer season. And in the summer season, it’s time for flip flops, ice cream, the pool, plus the air conditioning machine. It’s true enough that I will be ecstatic to see the last of the high a/c machine bills at the end of the summer season, although I won’t be ecstatic to see the summer season go. I personally don’t understand what the rush is to have fall here already. I know it will be nice to start using the fireplace plus the gas furnace, although I also don’t want to have to pay a costly heating bill either! Once the weather finally starts cooling down, I will quickly feel that it’s finally fall. I do love fall, although I don’t even understand what pretty much everyone is in such a pressing hurry about. I know people must really enjoy using their gas furnaces instead of their a/c machines. Other than that, I don’t actually get what the pressing fuss is all about!

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