I’m pretty sure I’m having a midlife crisis or something, so I’m moving

I had a really big birthday this past year, and now I’m pretty sure that I’m having a midlife crisis or something.

I have just been feeling weird about all kinds of stuff, including my house.

I’ve lived in the same house for almost twenty years now, and to be honest, I’m just kind of tired of it. I used to think it was the best house ever. When I first moved in, the HVAC system in the house was considered to be state of the art. The central air conditioning worked like a charm, cooling the entire house with no issues all summer long. And the heating system was the same way! The gas furnace in the house was just amazing. There were no hot or cold spots anywhere in the house. Besides that, the heating and cooling bills weren’t bad at all. I never had any issues with the heating and cooling system at all for the first five years or so that I lived here. I mean, I would have an HVAC technician come out and do a yearly maintenance check, of course. But other than that, I hardly ever even thought about my air conditioning or heating unit at all. These days, though, it’s just one thing after another with the HVAC system. Something is always tearing up or going wrong. I don’t really want to have to install a whole new heating and air conditioning system, either. I just don’t want to have to deal with the repairs or upkeep anymore at all. It sounds crazy, but I’d just rather move to an entirely different house or apartment than to have to deal with any more HVAC issues in this house.

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