Abundance of pets leads to HVAC maintenance and air purifier

I have two dogs, two cats, a rabbit and a parakeet, all living in a very small house with me.

I love animals but am not happy with the resulting concerns with indoor air quality.

The fur and odors can make for an unpleasant and unhealthy environment. Although I continually vacuum, dust, scrub and spray deodorizers, there’s still issues. While frequent bathing and grooming of the animals helps, I needed to take a more aggressive approach. I contacted a certified HVAC contractor, explained my situation and asked for suggestions. He highly recommended that I enroll in a maintenance program for the heating and cooling system. With regular wear and tear, a furnace and air conditioner gradually lose efficiency and are more likely to malfunction. Because of the higher exposure to air contaminants, my heating and cooling system are even more at risk. The debris builds up inside the equipment, blocks airflow, diminishes comfort and leads to higher energy bills. Plus, the heating and cooling system then spreads the allergens throughout the home. The HVAC technician also insisted that I replace the air filters in the heating and cooling system every month. He then explained the many benefits of investing in a whole-house air purifier. The purifier runs 24/7 and cleans the air approximately eight times every hour. It filters out allergens that are smaller than the human eye can see and kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores and all sorts of microorganisms. The air purifier helps with odors and fumes and optimizes indoor air quality. I can now enjoy having pets without having a stinky and dirty home.


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