The fireplace didn’t burn

My husband and I were seeking romance on a shoestring.

  • We decided that we were going to purchase a fake fireplace for our home.

It wasn’t really fake, because it was built to work as a heating supplement, but it didn’t actually have a flame. The flame was more of an effect, and it looked just like a real fireplace. A couple of weeks after the purchase, we came home to find that our fireplace was missing. I was in shock to see my home torn apart and the only thing missing was the fireplace. I didn’t know if I wanted to get angry that someone had taken our fireplace, or if I should be worried because someone had broken into our home. I called the police and I could hear them smiling when I told them that all I had missing was the fireplace. He asked if anything else was disturbed and I told him that other than the fireplace missing, everything else looked perfect. When my husband came home, he panicked at seeing the police. I told him that someone had broken in and stolen the fireplace. He looked a bit taken aback but then it switched from panic to a look of chagrin. He told me he thought he had told me they were coming to pick up the fireplace. There was a recall because of the possibility of the wiring catching on fire. They picked up the fireplace and a new fireplace was being shipped in the next week. The police officer began to laugh and he told my husband to wake me up the next time he wanted to tell me something important.

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