The burglar left his ID behind

When my house was broken into, I was really upset.

I had come home that day to see the door had been jimmied and my house had been ransacked.

The one thing the burglar had chosen to steal, was my new Smart Thermostat. He had meticulously removed it by keeping the wires intact and not destroying anything. I was devastated because I had saved for months to be able to afford my Smart Thermostat. After calling the police, I went through the house without disturbing too much and I found several other things were missing. Anything that had to do with the IoT was missing. My new Alexa, the outlets that were connected to the computer, and my computer. They even took my lamps that were connected to the internet programs. When the police showed up, they did a thorough check of my house in an effort to find any fingerprints from the culprit. After about an hour of questioning and feeling like I was the one who robbed my own house, the one officer came back into the bedroom. He asked me if my credit cards had been touched and I told him that I had my purse with me. He told me that he had found a credit card laying on the floor. I had been more interested in the loss of my Smart Thermostat so I simply took it and put it in my purse. No sooner did the police walk out than I looked at the credit card, realizing it didn’t look like one of mine. The thief had used the card to jimmy my door open and he had dropped it on the floor.


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