Jury duty led to hot topics

Recently, I was summoned to jury duty. I had done jury duty in the past and I have always enjoyed watching the process. I even got to sit on a jury a couple of times. This was a federal case that I was sitting in on and I was really excited. I got to the courthouse for jury selection and the air conditioning was so cool. I sat in the jury box and enjoyed feeling the cool air as it slowly glided over my skin. I saw one man just sliding down in his chair so he could relax in the air conditioning. I guess it doesn’t have to be said that he was dismissed because he was snoring so loudly. After three days of sitting in the jury box, they finally made their decision as to how many of us were staying. They must have talked to over a hundred people before they narrowed it down to just twelve of us. We got to go home until the trial began which was three days later. We were now in a different court room and that room didn’t have such good air conditioning. I sat in the jury box and I could feel the sweat sliding down between my shoulder blades. There wasn’t a hint of air conditioning in our area of the courtroom. When we went for lunch, I heard another woman complaining about how we were supposed to be important and yet we didn’t even have any air conditioning. We were all pleasantly surprised when we got back to the courtroom and the air conditioning was once again turned on, and we the jurors had our comfort back.



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