I’m looking for a new place to work out

For the last five years I have been going to the same gym, three times a week.

  • I have taken off thirty-five pounds and gone down four sizes.

I am loving life after five years, but I am beginning to hate our gym. Over the years, the HVAC system has gradually gotten worse and it is comfortable whether it is winter or summer. The air quality has gotten to the point where you think you are walking into a high school locker room whenever you walk into the gym. I don’t mind a little extra heating, because it helps you to sweat. I don’t want to smell my own sweat and fifty other people’s sweat, three days after I had been gone. They really need to get a new HVAC system in the gym. They also need to add an air purification system to help out with the odors. We expect to smell some sweat when we walk into the gym, but it is walking in when bad fish is frying in the house. Everyone knows that it stinks in there. I’m afraid that if they don’t do something with the HVAC and the air quality, they will be more faithful customers than just myself. I have already seen a big decline in the number of people who are in there. I used to have to wait for a bicycle to become empty so I could get in four or five miles before hitting the treadmill. Now, there are at least four bicycles open at all times. Just from what I am hearing, people are looking for someplace with better heating, air conditioning, and better air quality.