Have you ever really considered your air quality?

My husband and I were considering building a home of our own when we first got married. I couldn’t believe everything we had to think about when we started laying out the house plans. I was talking to our contractor and he wanted to know if we had considered our air quality. We had the bathroom right by the kitchen and he said that was a really bad idea. Even where we wanted the bathroom in the master suite, didn’t suit him. He told us that we had to consider what all went on in the bathrooms. We didn’t want the door of the bathroom opening and having the odors coming out into the kitchen or the main room. We had to consider our air quality in the entire house, and sometimes the bathroom was the worst culprit. Not just the off odors of the bathroom, but also all of the humidity. He said the humidity was really bad for the air quality. I knew we had to reconsider the placement of our bathrooms and even the laundry room. I also wanted a small room for my hobbies, but I was afraid he would put a nix on that idea too, because I loved to paint. After a couple of months, we changed our mind about building the house and we began to look at a house that was already laid out to perfection. I was glad that I had good airflow and the air quality was excellent. I didn’t have to lay in bed and see someone in the bathroom, which made me happy.


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