Why can’t I have an air conditioner in my room?

My son doesn’t understand that we have central air conditioning.

  • He is only four and he has a lot of friends from the pre school.

A couple of weeks ago, he was invited to come over and play with his one friend. They spent most of the afternoon in the boys room playing with his robots and dinosaurs. When Jake came home that afternoon, he told me he wanted an air conditioner in his bedroom. I told him he couldn’t have an air conditioner and he seemed to have dropped the subject. When my husband came home Jake went over to talk to him. He wanted to know if we could get an air conditioner for his room. My husband wanted to know where he got that idea and he said that his friend had an air conditioner. It was cool when he was sitting on the floor and he wanted to have an air conditioner just like his friend. I had to laugh as my husband tried to explain that we had central air conditioning. He told him that we have an AC unit that blows air conditioning all through the house. He showed him the air vents and lifted him up so he could feel the cool air blowing out of it. He still wasn’t convinced and he was insistent on getting an air conditioner. He went to his room and he cried himself to sleep. I asked my husband what we were going to do. He thought that all Jake wanted was to think he had an air conditioner. He went to the junkyard and picked up an air conditioner case and put it in Jake’s room, which made him happy..


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