I like my window air conditioner the best.

A couple of weeks ago, my neighbor came over for some coffee.

It was getting really warm outside and I turned on the window air conditioner in the dining room.

The way our home is set up, we really only need one window air conditioner to keep our house cool. We don’t have high energy bills and it is very efficient. We turn off the air conditioner in the dining room, when we go to bed, and we turn on the small air conditioner that is in our bedroom. My neighbor sat at the table drinking her coffee and she asked me why my air conditioning was so noisy. She said that she would be buying a new air conditioning system. I told her we didn’t have an air conditioning unit, all we had was the window air conditioner. She couldn’t believe how cool it was. I took her back through the house and she was shocked at how comfortable the entire house was. She asked me if I had ever considered getting central air conditioning. When we first moved in, we considered central air conditioning. We have a lol of shade around our home, so the home was already cool inside. Even when summer hit its peak, all we needed was the window air conditioner. We never changed our mind about the window air conditioner and we have been very happy. When my neighbor left, she told me that she was going to go home and see if she couldn’t get away with just using window air conditioners in her house.

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