My dad is a great boss

When I was in high school and my friends and teachers would ask me what I was going to do after I graduated, I would always tell them the exact same thing.

I was going to work for my dad at his HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling company in town.

Ever since I was six years old I wanted to do what my dad did and that feeling never wavered as I grew up. This response to their question always came with mixed reviews, most of them on the negative and skeptical side. In all honesty, I have now been working for my father for nearly five years now and I can honestly say that it has been great. Don’t get me wrong, he tends to get on my case if I mess up quicker than a normal boss would in my opinion, but I am also able to come to him when I am looking for advice or have a serious problem to talk about so much quicker than I am with anyone in the world. Along with having a solid mentor having my father as my boss has pushed me to be the best HVAC heating and cooling repair man that I can possibly be to make sure that the men and women who work alongside me know that I didn’t get this job simply because my father is the manager, but I actually have the skills and work ethic it takes to be an elite HVAC repairman. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows down at the HVAC store, but at least we have plenty to talk about every sunday at family dinner!

Air conditioning expert