Learning HVAC lessons the hard way

I truly have no clue how the previous tenants were able to live here for so long

When my fiance and I purchased our first home nearly a year ago to this very day both our parents thought that we were insane. My parents were so against us buying our new home that they even tried to bribe me with concert tickets and helping us hire a realtor to find a different home! Despite what our friends and family were telling us however, we ignored all of the advice and ended up going through with the sale rather quickly. We have now been living in our home for a few months now and there is no doubt in either of our minds that we might have rushed into this decision a bit too soon. One of the things that we are not able to realize at the time was how poorly the home was heated. The only heating source in our three bedroom home was a small heated gas furnace located in the kitchen. Even with the heated gas furnace running on the highest possible setting we were only able to keep one room warm enough to feel comfortable in, two on a good day. I truly have no clue how the previous tenants were able to live here for so long. After several long months of being forced to rely on thick wool blankets we finally decided to make the adult decision and invest in a brand new heated gas furnace. Now that we have our new furnace to keep us warm it is much less miserable while we are fixing the other things that are wrong with the house. I guess you can say that life is just better when you have proper heating no matter your situation!

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