A very lucky construction job

Having worked as a construction worker for the past five years I have been forced to deal with working in some very intense work environments.

Working outside in the south is always a hot and sweaty ordeal, but last week I was assigned on a construction project that was much different than anything else I had worked on.

The job was fully indoors and all I had to do was help with the finishing touches in the rooms of a brand new building. The best part of it all was that there was an industrial-grade air conditioning unit running in the home that kept the entire house and a cool 68 degrees all day long. I later learned that the owner of the home wanted to keep the air conditioning running at a high level even when they weren’t there because he was wanting to have the employees as cooled off and happy as possible while working on the home. I don’t know about you, but I think that is the smartest idea you can have as a person having your house built! I had become so used to being outside in the sun where temperatures ranged all the way up to the high 90’s that I couldn’t believe how nice it felt inside! I think that this might be a sign that I need to find a job where I can be next to some high-quality air conditioning every day. Who knows, if there are any office jobs hiring that have a decent office setup with a/c I just might make the transition to a more standard type of living!

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