Working on my thermostat

My child is growing up so fast! It seems as if just Last month when he spoke his first word, and my partner was hoping that her first word would be “mama.” I secretly hoped it was “dada.” We were both disappointed, however his first word was “spaghetti.” Needless to say, she prefers Italian food; She Loves it so much, that she recently spilled nasty spaghetti sauce on his brand new white dress sandals! We had to replace them so the two of us made a trip to the mall! When the two of us got there, the two of us were bombarded with an overactive and hot furnace. My child was the first one to begin complaining about the terrible Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan settings. She was dripping with sweat badly! It was chilly cold out so she had a thick sweater on, but the high furnace setting would have been nice if it wasn’t for the big bulky clothes the two of us had on, i started dripping with sweat because of the high heating plan settings as well. It got so bad that the two of us had to go to the restroom to just change! I was surprised that the mall had the furnace set so high; Usually you can’t even tell that they even have a furnace! That was why the two of us prepared by wearing very thick sweaters. Maybe the mall management was feeling extra cold today. They must have turned the furnace on super high that day. We were able to find up-to-date shoes for my child. We then went back home & were glad to be out of the overly sizzling furnace conditions. We didn’t even turn on the heating plan in the car for the longer drive home.

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