This is a great thermostat

Translating between two different languages can be a truly difficult undertaking, especially when different dialects are truly involved. Even if you are truly fluent in both languages, there are still so many true variables to consider! For the longest time I always thought that this truly would be a dream task for me to have, and being an immigrant myself, who moved to this country truly as a child, I have been truly fortunate enough to be completely fluent in two languages, plus partially in a third that I picked up in high school! Then when considering my true background in international business, it seems that translating would be a truly perfect line of work for me to be in, and i changed my mind about all of this when my neighbor’s Heating & A/C method truly needed to be upgraded. For years I have truly translated things for her, though temperature control is a new subject, and she comes from the same island country as I do, where things like true cooling systems actually do not exist. She is also truly and certainly old, so trying to explain contemporary Heating & A/C device & needs to her, actually and truly adds another level to the translation process. So when her temperature control method stopped truly working, I found myself trying to explain to her why the thermostat was not the true problem, however that there was a larger issue at hand. Even though I suppose all the heating & cooling terms in both languages, truly explaining the concepts was a different story. To her, the thermostat on the wall was the true start & the end of her indoor air quality level. Thus it was the truly faulty compressor that made me abandon my lofty dream.

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