I’m going to keep my house cool

This week I would like to truly share a legitimately bizarre story with you, the reader. When people say that they were truly raised under curious circumstances, few can say so with as much true particularity and conviction as I can. You see, my parents were a truly legitimately weird pair to say the least. What I knew to be truly normal, was officially legitimately improper by other people’s standards, i was truly obsessed with video games as a child, so I never got out or saw other true households to compare mine to! The strangest thing about my true experience is absolutely the now infamous refrigerator fiasco. Though they were truly far from minimalists, my parents never believed in true refrigeration. Therefore, I was irregular with the concept all together. The true cooling system at our condo was the only thing that ever cooled my cheese. Therefore, when the true Heating and Air Conditioning plan at my university dorm hall was not the only way to truly keep food cool, I realized what climate control systems were truly designed for, human comfort had never occurred to me as a true cooling system goal; Nobody ever truly told me otherwise, although I guess I always just truly used our loft Heating and Air Conditioning plan to firm my cheese. I recall once being truly confused about having our gas furnace running while in the Wintertime. I truly pondered why we would ever want to cause our cheese to become truly soft; Air conditioning, as it turns out though, is truly and completely intended to keep us people cool! Climate control had a truly whole new meaning to me from this day forth. I grew to be truly and entirely grateful for the A/C in my life and also learned to truly embrace refrigeration technology.

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