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When I was in my senior year of college I rented a tiny home a few blocks away from campus.  It was super lovely to live in, because I was able to walk or ride my scooter to class.  I saved money on gas plus the upkeep of a car, and the rent for the little home was super cheap.  I shared the home with three other people, two of us to each bedroom, plus both of us cut the rent, utilities, plus household expenses.  For the most part, the four of us all got along absolutely well.  Our only disagreement was over the thermostat settings.  Since all of us were responsible for the utilities, all of us wanted to save as much as we could.  My roommates typically wanted to shut the heating or cooling system completely off while we were sleeping or were at class.  I simply wanted to turn the temperature control a few degrees lower or higher to lessen the amount of hard work of the gas furnace or the air conditioner.   I hated waking up in the morning to a frigid cold house.  I also did not want to come house from class to an overheated apartment.  I also felt that trying to abruptly heat up or cool down the entire home all at once caused the gas furnace or air conditioner to have to work a lot harder, run longer, plus consume excess energy.  The four of us continually argued over the cost of our energy bills plus the management of the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit.  I asked the landlord about installing a smart temperature control to save some money plus make life way easier, but he, of course, did not want to spend the money.  My roommates and I finally put some money together plus bought our own smart temperature control.  The four of us were then able to adjust the temperature from just about anywhere any of us happened to be, plus the four of us set up yearly programs.  

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