We have a great air filter

I was in the doctor’s office the other day. I have to say, does anyone like going to the doctor? Seriously, does anyone ever say, ‘Boy, I can’t wait to go to the doctors!’ I think not. Every time we go in for my kid’s check ups I cringe. I am not one of these mom’s who goes in when you are supposed. My kid has to be pretty sick, for me to go. But, my pediatrician called us out before the school year started this summer.  The school noticed we had not been in for some time. Here I was in the germ fest. I walked in the door and the ice cold air from the air conditioner hit my face like ice water to a snow storm. I understand why they have to keep the cooling unit so low to protect from germs, but it can really break you! We put our name in to the receptionist and sat down to wait our turn. I started to notice something a little different. The air in the doctor’s office did not seem so stuffy. In fact, the air actually seemed pretty clean and clear. This was very odd to me. When they called us back to the exam room, I asked the nurse about it right away. She smiled and explained to me that they had put in a new Pure Air Filter System through their new HVAC provider. It is proven to be much better for children with allergies, while it protects at 200% in the area of the germs that come through the office daily. I was amazed. She also told me that it really wasn’t that much more expensive in the long run. I was, now, seriously, considering this new type of HVAC system for my home.

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