The doctor’s office is very nice

My mom  has had so many doctor appointments of late that I think it is becoming more detrimental to her health. She really doesn’t drive much anymore so I have been elected to take here. The problem is, where do people go when they are sick? The doctor’s office.  The spread of germs is ramped this time of year and with HVAC system, there is only so much they can filter out. She does have one doctor though that has taken measures to keep his patients as healthy as possible.  He had an upgrade done to his HVAC system that included several filtration units and all of them have Hepa Filters. This enables the system to really clean the air of any allergens and hopefully most germs that could be spread from one patient to the next. I started to notice something a little different the last time I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for mom. The air in the office did not seem so stuffy. When I asked about the change, the receptionist smiled and explained to me about the upgrade that their HVAC dealer had recommended.  I was amazed. She also told me that it really wasn’t that much more expensive in the long run. I am now considering this upgrade at my house too.  I have three kids and they bring home just about everything from school.  We are constantly washing hands a disinfecting everything but sometimes, that added protection, would help keep everyone healthy year round. My husband may be shocked by the cost at first but if I am not constantly buying cold and allergy medicine, that will be a savings too.

HVAC unit

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