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Have you watched the news lately? Each day when we turn it on to see what has found on we hear more and more about the flu epidemic that has struck our country. There are so many reported cases that in many areas you can’t even visit your loved ones in the hospital if you are under the age of 18. When my son got sick last week I was terrified to take him to the doctor’s office because I knew it would be filled with germ laden people and I didn’t want him exposed to anything else. He usually has to be pretty sick, for me to go. We headed to the office with hand sanitizer in my bag so I could wipe off anything that we came in contact with. I walked in the door and the frosty air from the HVAC system hit my face like ice water. I understand why they have to keep the cooling unit so low to protect from germs, but it can make things even more uncomfortable.  We put our name in at the receptionist and sat down to wait our turn. I started to notice something a little different. The air in the doctor’s office did not seem as stuffy as usual. In fact, the air really seemed pretty fresh smelling. On previous visits, I always felt like I could feel the germs entering my body from all of the sick patients in the room. When they called us back to the exam room, I asked the nurse about it immediately. She smiled and explained to me that they had put in a new Pure Air Filter System that their new HVAc dealer had recommended.  It had proven to be much better for children with allergies, and it protects against the spread of germs that come through the office daily.

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