Let’s put a unit in the hotel

When my wife plus I got hitched, the two of us decided to take a honeymoon road trip. The two of us both wanted to see all the famous landmarks plus visit other states. The first day was amazing, plus the two of us were roaring and raring to go. The two of us made some cool stops plus enjoyed the way the landscape slowly changed outside our windows as the two of us drove through the first few states… By nightfall, the two of us were ready to rest our heads, plus soon found a hotel. The venue was quite nice though. The two of us were shown up to our room, plus the two of us noticed right away that it was way too muggy. By looking at the control device in the room, the two of us soon discovered that it was almost eighty degrees in there! One look at my wife plus the two of us both were sure this wasn’t going to fly. The two of us searched near the windows, plus the two of us closely examined the control unit, the two of us couldn’t find anything in the room that seemed like it would turn on the air conditioner. Was there some complication with the whole cooling system in the hotel? Were they having their air conditioner maintained? The two of us went back to the front desk for more information regarding the air conditioner situation taking place in our room. The ladies there told us that the air conditioner was down, plus that they wouldn’t be able to get an HVAC professional to service it until the day. After a day of driving, a day, moreover seeing as how it was our first as a married couple, this news was most unwelcome. The two of us decided on spending some time on the patio of the hotel bar instead of in our room together. This complication with the air conditioner was an unwelcome end to an otherwise lovely day.


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