Learning about the air conditioner

Living in the frozen tundra is a bit like living in a snow globe.  At any given time, someone can shake it up and there will be a new coating of ice and snow on everything.  I live up north where even in the summer, the warmest of our highs is in the sixties.  We have had an occasional seventy, but then we feel like it is a heat wave.  For at least four months a year, we have sub freezing temperatures.  I was asked why I would live here willingly, and the reason is simple; it is for the job and the money.  I live in a small town that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for my  job.  I work for a huge oil company, and I manage the pipeline that goes through a village.  The oil company supplies everyone with quality housing and HVAC.  They pay all of the utilities, and the families here work for the company.  When they built up the town, they brought in a shipment of new HVAC systems to put into the homes, because they wanted quality comfort for their employees.  The furnaces at work, work so well, that we often find ourselves turning down the thermostat because it is so warm in there.  If there is a problem with the heating in our homes, all we have to do is call the HVAC company and someone is there in half an hour.  Last month my thermostat broke and my furnace would not turn on.  Within an hour, the HVAC tech had been there, replaced my thermostat and had my furnace running.

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