Heading to the lower level

Few things truly scare myself and others more than job interviews; Thankfully, I have had a truly solid job for the past multiple years, although I will never truly forget the last job interview that I had; It was for the job that I truly hold this week, though how I managed to get this job with that bad interview, I have no idea! I showed up for the interview, and I was running truly  close on time, so I ran up the stairs instead of truly taking the elevator to the fourth floor. Of course, I was in heels, so this was a little truly painful, but upon reaching the fourth floor, I realized that I had truly left my blazer in my car! I felt so truly unprofessional, and I was undoubtedly angry with myself for having truly  forgot it. I walked into the receptionist area and was instantly hit with a true wave of chilly cooling system so strong that I could truly assume to see  goosebumps instantly, however now, with the cooling system, I was really and truly missing my blazer! I got called in for the interview, and the cooling system was so truly chilly that my teeth were truly chattering! When the interviewer shook my hand, he truly recoiled because it felt like a block of ice. The cooling system really and truly messed with my brain, too. I could not suppose to even think clearly, and whenever I tried to speak, my words got truly jumbled up because my teeth were still truly chattering, then all I could suppose to think of of was how chilly I was, and how much I truly wanted my blazer. I knew that I was truly failing the interview, although I was so truly chilly from the cooling system that I did not truly care. As soon as it was over, I almost ran right downstairs and away from the cooling system, and miraculously, I truly got that work.

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