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In many cultures, a hair salon is more than just a place for  woman to get her hair done. Fabulous hair is great but almost as important is the exchange of ideas, experiences and juicy gossip. My hairstylist is a great person. She does hair beautifully and is kind and thoughtful as well. Should a regular client come up short on cash from time to time, no problem. She understands. She is also usually the first to know all the juicy stories which her clients so enjoy hearing! I think it is largely because of this “talk” feature that she had a new HVAC system installed.

          In the past, my stylist had only fans to cool the indoor air. When it was really hot and women had to be fanning themselves and drinking water to keep cool, who could really show interest in a story? The main concern then, is to make it through the discomfort, get your hair done, pay up and get out; hopefully, into a cooler atmosphere. After the heat of the dryer and all the attendant stresses, a woman needs a cool place to relax. Now, with the great air quality which that new HVAC unit provides, patrons are encouraged to linger for as long as they wish.

           Not only are her clients more relaxed since my stylist got her HVAC, but she actually has several new customers. Now, with fine, pure air all around them, her customers always keep their air appointments, and she can regale them all with the latest gossip, as everybody relaxes in cool, air conditioned comfort.


HVAC tune-up 

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