This is what you should know about ventilation

Last week, my spouse and I hosted my brother and sister-in-law for dinner. They were in town, going to see with my mom’s family, and I realized that they had never seen our new house. I invited them over for dinner, and thankfully, they had a free evening to come. They asked if it was alright to bring the kids, plus of course, I said yes. However my spouse and I were quite upset because our house is rather small, and it has never been kid-proofed. We have no toys, and the two of us were upset that the kids were going to be bored, because Leila and Bob are only eighteen months and two years old, respectively, and those are tough ages to have in a small, toyless house! To our surprise and relief, though, the toddlers thoroughly enjoyed being at our house, and the dinner went great! The food was delicious, and the kids ate at the table with little trouble! After dinner, it turned out that the two of us had lots of toys, just not toys that we knew we had had! Coasters, Christmas tree decorations and miscellaneous house decor work great as toys for an imaginative child! Their number one toy had to be our heating and cooling vent in the living room. The heating and cooling vent is at the perfect height on the wall for kids, and  they loved running their hands over the heating and cooling vent and feeling the a/c rush through the heating and cooling air duct and onto their small faces. Watching them, I was reminded again of how much I take our little house for granted. Here I was, thinking that it was merely serviceable, however to the children the heating and cooling vent  was magical!

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