Budgeting and financial goals

When making the list of things that needed to be accomplished so that we could sell our home, one of the top items was updating our living rooms and bathrooms. Nowadays, it seems that almost everyone wants an open floor plan and either tile or hardwood floors. Our living rooms and bathrooms have old, ugly laminate flooring, and our little galley living room is honestly too small for most people’s tastes. We decided to hire a supplier to open up our living room by knocking down the wall between the living room and kitchen, then saving cash by installing the new flooring ourselves. Unfortunately, when knocking down the wall, our supplier realized that a lot of our HVAC ducts were running through that wall, and even worse, that the wall was load bearing. Our renovation budget was ruined, just like that. Now, the two of us not only had to spend our money to relocate all of the HVAC ducts, but the we also had to get a beam to support the house, and then, to make things worse, our supplier told us that our HVAC device was extremely old, and that it would need to be replaced if the we hoped to sell the house for the right amount of cash, and he told us that no one would want to buy our home, knowing that the HVAC system was bound to die within the next 6 months to a year. With heavy hearts, the two of us paid the cash for a new HVAC unit, new HVAC ducts, and even a new temperature control. I hope that the we are able to sell our house for the right amount of cash. If not, then I have just ruined our budget and financial goals, all because of our old, decrepit HVAC system.

HVAC equipment 

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