My poor husband

My exhausting husband spent an entire week last week with a unquestionably bad flu, and now he is sick again! I do not think that he has the flu again, even though he unquestionably has a fever, and he is not his proper self. For all I know, it could be the dreaded man cold, and my new treatment system is to send him to bed and let him sleep for as long as he can and feed him soup and other comforting foods until he gets well. We have plenty of cold and fever medicine in the house, so that should not be an issue! The only thing that will be a problem is trying to keep him from increasing the thermostat. No matter how much I try to tell him that increasing the thermostat will not help his fever, he does not listen, then he is always increasing the thermostat settings, constantly changing it from heat to air conditioning. While this is bad enough for our heating and cooling system to have to deal with, I dislike dealing with it, as well! I have to shuffle blankets and sweaters on and off. I feel that he is sick, and I want him to feel better, but honestly, increasing the thermostat will not help. Right now, he is asleep. I hope that he wakes up feeling a little better and is able to eat something. If not, I am just going to hunker down and guard the thermostat with my life! It is going to be a undoubtedly interesting day, for sure!

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