I don’t want to worry about the A/C

The first home I lived in was a very terrible place. It was in a rough section of town, and my roommate and I would consistently hear gunshots and police sirens, and the townhome constantly smelled a little odd. Both of us stayed for almost a year, but when our electricity, water heater, and air conditioner all malfunctioned in the same week, both of us decided to move. Being without hot water and air conditioner was rough. I lived in the bedroom upstairs, and the heat from uncirculated summer air was so awful that I was unable to sleep at evening! A chilly shower felt good, but soon, I would be hot again. We called our property owner, even though he took forever to send someone to look at the air conditioner unit, then when a HVAC  specialist did come, he changed out the thermostat, then left, but the HVAC system still did not work. So both of us called our property owner again, however he seemed undoubtedly frustrated with us, but did send out another HVAC specialist. This HVAC specialist told us that the air conditioner component needed to be replaced. Both of us were enthusiastic to finally get a new air conditioner unit! Instead, our property owner started to complain and get disgruntled. He started trying to say that he would call someone to service the air conditioner unit, and that it was possible that both of us had messed it up on purpose. My roommate and I were so miserable. We only had one week left on our lease, so we broke the lease and left. We found another place to stay at a good price. This new home has much better air conditioner and heating, and we have not had any trouble with the electricity either.  

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