I’d really like my health to be better

I have been wanting to get back into finally working out consistently. My apartment complex offers a free gym along with my lease, but this is not a good situation. The gym at our apartment complex is seriously small. There is only a single weight machine, one treadmills, an elliptical, and some sort of arm workout machine. The gym is not often crowded, and there is a good reason why. The ventilation and temperature control is terrible. I know that the gym’s thermostat is connected to the apartment complex office, and they do not want to be too freezing in the office, or waste air conditioning, so they do not use the usual temperature control for the gym. Unfortunately, this means finally working out in this gym is a terrible experience. Imagine trying to run on the treadmill and being unable to feel any cool air from the a/c or being unable to breathe any fresh air.  As you can imagine, I can only handle being in that gym for a short time. After attempting, and failing to get the apartment management to change the control device settings, I finally signed up for a new gym. It is on my way home, and really convenient. It is pretty large, and best of all, it has a normal heating and cooling system. Now, I can workout without fear of overheating. Being comfortable while finally working out is really crucial to me, and now, I can entirely focus on bettering myself and my health, rather than worrying a HVAC system! My workouts are so much more enjoyable now!

air conditioning unit 

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