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I always said I was going to take a  cross-country trip after I graduated from my community college, and here I am, traveling the country.  I’d love to say that I’m cruising in a beautiful RV, but actually I am driving an original VW van.  My van has always been reliable and it is fairly comfortable to sleep in, sometimes I have to take a break and get a real bed.  Even a cheap motel can offer a nice pool and air conditioning.  Throw in a shower and I also get to watch television.  I have been driving for almost a week now, and the heat of the summer is getting to me.  I know that I will feel  more refreshed when I get into the air conditioning and I can relax for awhile.  I was smart and I had my van inspected before I left home.  It would have been a real pain if my air conditioning had died on the road.  Even though it hadn’t, I am still ready to get out of the van and relax in an air conditioned motel room for a couple of nights.  The pool and the AC make it well worth the time off since the humidity of the southwest is so bad.  I must have been crazy when I planned this trip.  I think I’m going to be checking into motels more often so I can enjoy the air conditioning.  When it is so hot outside, I just feel like it is best to hibernate in an air conditioned motel room; at least until summer ends.  

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