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I am so tired of seeing tragic news, especially when it involves the death of young people resulting from house fires, or faulty HVAC system. I know how cold it gets around here in the winter, but unfortunately too many families need to use their ovens for a source of heating.  In this fire, they feel the oven may have been the cause of the deadly fire.   People on television were saying they knew the family was having financial difficulties, so why didn’t they step in and help them.  If they didn’t have electricity, common sense should have told them wasn’t a heating system.  They said there was a fireplace, but they didn’t see any wood piled up outside.  Shouldn’t that have been a clue, that maybe they needed a bit of help, even if it meant offering some of your own wood?  I was brought up to care of your of your family, even if it just a neighbor.  We are suppose to all be family, aren’t we?  I think that someone needs to find a way that takes the danger of winter in your own home.  Electric companies shouldn’t be allowed to shut off the electricity when it is dangerously cold. Maybe the government should learn from the fire company and how they hand out smoke detectors.  There should be a furnace program for those who can’t afford one.  A program where the furnace doesn’t need electricity to operate.  We need to stop this senseless dying of children, that is caused by lack of proper heating methods in the home.

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