The necessary precautions

Whenever the weather turns Arctic, it seems like all I see in the news is tragic recounts of the accidental death of a family or a family member.  Our winters can get so cold, that some families don’t realize the danger or even the life threatening circumstances of trying to heat their homes with an oven, or a space heater.  Yesterday’s news talked about a fire that was started in the oven.  I’m assuming this family must have been through some really tough times. They had no electricity, and that meant their furnace was not working.  The news made a point of saying that there was a fireplace, but the family had run out of firewood, and in the sub zero temperatures, it was impossible for them to gather more firewood.  This house appeared to be really old, the furnace wasn’t working, and once the firewood was gone, they tried to use their over for heat.  If someone had taken the time to find out the trouble this family was going through, maybe no one would have died.  I am sure there are some agencies, or good samaritans that could have either given some money or supplied some kind of help so they could have their furnace in this weather.   Our family has always taken care of each other, and that would not have happened.   Someone has to come with some ideas on how to get portable heaters to these families when the weather is so cold.  It would be nice if there were furnace that could be given to families in need.  They could use the smoke detector program that is used by the fire department, as something to follow.

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