I can’t endure this anymore

I totally hate to admit it, but I’m absolutely losing my grit as I age.  As a younger man, my will power was outstanding and I could get through anything if I put my mind to it! I was self-assured and tough back then, however, as I’ve grown older, my tolerance for discomfort has legitimately waned to a degree.  At my age, I am incapable of enduring any inconveniences and discomforts, and absolutely have a striking weakness for cold conditions.  I was fine running around outside in the dead of winter as a child, and I even worked at a horse farm, voluntarily spending the cold nights trudging through snowy fields. Now, I refuse to even leave my apartment during the winter unless it’s completely necessary to go out.  I prefer to stay inside, in the comfort and safety of my up-to-date heating unit than to face the brutal cold air outside, and another great example of this inability to endure cold air temperatures is this recent development in my new daily routine, during which I turn up the heat from the warmth of my king-sized bed. I can use my new smart thermostat to my distinct advantage, bumping up the temperature settings to a balmy 72 degrees well before I ever crawl out from under the  blankets. An even somewhat younger version of myself would chide this behavior, poking fun at just how delicate and sensitive to the cold I have become. I suppose I should be ashamed, but frankly, I’m too warm and cozy with my up-to-date central heating to provide it any further thought.

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