I don’t mind hanging at the pub

A few years ago, we converted one of our spare bedrooms into a mini movie theatre. The room was a good size and worked perfectly for us. We set up a really nice sound system in the room with a nice 4k projector. We set up all kinds of nice movie quality chairs that were extra comfortable. We had a nice popcorn machine and a bar set up in there. We also had a top of the line sound system for the perfect surround sound experience. I went a step further to soundproof the room so no one else in the household would be distracted by the movie experience. We made sure to have the perfect HVAC system installed as well. This was honestly the most crucial feature of the movie theatre experience as well as for the household in general. We had a really nice zone controlled HVAC system with rapid heating and cooling. We really loved the rapid heating and cooling because the ductwork was much easier to work with, and didn’t take up much space at all. The ductwork was so sleek and low profile, it was impressive. Not to mention, being able to heat and cool any room inside of the house in a matter of minutes was really great. We didn’t like to waste energy so we loved our zone controlled HVAC. We always had movie nights with the family and my kids would invite their friends as well. We watched all kinds of great movies and sometimes we would watch them in 3D! I honestly didn’t like 3D all that much because it made me feel a little queasy, but my kids loved it!

HVAC installation 

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