This is a great bathroom

My roommate Sawyer totally does not respect our septic system, but Sawyer plus I have been best buds since middle school. Sawyer plus I after college thought it made sense to reside together, but both of us have l learned things about each other that we never knew now that the two of us live together. I learned that Sawyer likes fake art around, he leaves dirty dishes everywhere plus tries to flush his girlfriends tampons. I thought I was going to lose my mind when I saw that. First, Sawyer plus I own the home the people I was with and I are living in together. Our idea is to service it up plus put it back on the site to buy. So Sawyer and I want the home is top top shape, after, flushing tampons down the toilet is not good for your pipes. The tampon could get hindered in the piping plus cause your toilet to leak. What I would have to do is rip off the toilet bowl plus fish out the tampon by my fingers. What is worse is if the tampon genuinely goes down the pipes. It then goes down the pipes into your septic device. The item will not break down in the septic though. It will just sit around in your septic. If you are entirely not fortunate the item will hinder the drain line. Then you can have poop flow up to your yard or have your septic plan stopped up. Neither idea is good.

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