A new radon detector

My roommate Tammy and I are obsessed with our indoor air quality. We  don’t like the fact that outdoor air quality is healthier than the indoor air in most situations.  While  outside you have pollution, fumes and gross smells, indoor can be worse. However, we read online says that inside of your home is the greater danger. It is made worse when mold grows in the AC unit and then infects the air quality. Also bugs often get inside your home.  Dust accumulates in the HVAC ducts and enters the indoor atmosphere. Dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and radon are also a threat and may  be in your home without you knowing. So what tammy and I do to combat these matters is invest in air quality accessories. We have purchased both a humidifier and dehumidifier. This controls the levels of moisture in our home. We also have a whole home air purifier that handle the dirt, mold and dust in the air. We’ve one further to install a  heavy duty ventilator to handle the potential dangerous gases in our home. Unfortunately, an cleaner will not help with radon or carbon monoxide. It can only temporary alleviate the problems in the home. The gases are  still a threat you. That is why Tammy and I purchased a carbon monoxide detector and a radon detector. We have them set up in our basement, family room and the attic of the home. These gases are not just concentrated in a single spot. Any room in the house could be potentially at risk. So while our home is not the neatest or most organized, our air quality is top notch.  It is best  to have a detector for the home.

indoor air quality 

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