This air quality is interesting

My roommate Cindy and  I are very conscientious about our indoor air conditions.  wWe have read that indoor air quality is typically five times more polluted  than outdoor  air. Outside, there is  pollution, traffic fumes and pollen, but plenty of ventilation.   Everything we have  read online warns  that the inside of a new home is much worse. It is worse because there a sources of contamination in every room and the pollutants are trapped in the house.  There is the potential for  mold growth inside the air conditioner, which then  degrades air quality. Dust often accumulates within the HVAC ducts and then is spread throughout the home.  Dangerous combustion byproducts, such as carbon monoxide and  radon are a threat and are difficult to detect.   Cindy and I have invested in a few  air quality accessories. We’ve taken proactive measures.  He have installed  both a whole-home  humidifier and dehumidifier. This equipment controls the level moisture and ensure healthy relative humidity  in our home. We have an  air purification system  that traps  airborne dirt, mold, and dust .  The air purifier also combats  dangerous gases, chemicals and fumes s in our home.  Unfortunately, the purifier  will not help rid the home of radon or carbon monoxide. The problem of radon or combustion byproducts requires equipment designed for removal.  These dangerous  gases will poison your family. That is why Cindy and  I bought  a carbon monoxide detector and a radon detector.  We  have them set up in  our basement, bedrooms and the attic. These gases are not able to be seen, smelled or tasted and require detection.  We are relieved that our home is free from radon and carbon monoxide, but we plan to continue to test for it on a regular basis.  

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