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A couple weeks ago, I took my spouse to see a local house exhibit. I just love looking at all the strange types of plants and flowers while staying toasty warm. I’m not sure why, but I’ve constantly been drawn to greenhouse since I was a kid; Well, the house was supposed to be massive, filled with the most colorful flowers. I couldn’t wait! While there, I was particularly not disappointed. I saw so multiple strange types of flowers I hadn’t even known existed, and there were many rooms in this large greenhouse, one of the rooms absolutely caught myself and others off guard a little. I didn’t realize it until I got to this recognizable room because of the vast temperature difference, but this giant greenhouse had climate controlled heating! Obviously, it had occurred to me that before that strange plants might need strange temperature ranges, but I had never seen a place that had a functioning climate control in strange areas of the big greenhouse. This recognizable room happened to have a quaint little pond with koi fish in it. Typical pond fish, but I love koi fish so I really didn’t mind at all. This was seriously the coolest greenhouse I had been to, and the multiple temperatures were comfortable to me! I guess that if I ever build a greenhouse of my own, I may look into a similar structure and climate control system. I was really impressed. And honestly, I don’t think why more greenhouses don’t do this! Perhaps in the future the trend will begin to catch on.

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