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This month has been very difficult at our house. When our youngest child came down with a stomach bug, I hoped that it wasn’t contagious, but that wasn’t meant to be. I was the next victim, and next our older son. It was horrible! That has to be one of the worst viruses we have ever had. We were hurting for a complete total of twenty hours. The bug consisted of ten hours of being sick to our stomachs followed by ten full hours of chills and horrible aching.

          The only thing that helped us to cope better during the aching part was to turn our furnace up as high as it would go, then snuggle under the covers with the heating pad. Thank goodness we have our digital control equipment set up with remote access because otherwise, we would have been unable to get rid of those aches and chills. Now, we are all just waiting to see who the bug strikes next. I’m so delighted that yesterday we decided to make an appointment to have our local HVAC providers come out to do their yearly furnace tune-up and furnace service. The weather turned very cold and the only thing worse than that stomach virus would’ve been freezing because our gas furnace had malfunctioned on top of having the virus!  

         Now that I think about it, our HVAC repair provider mentioned that there was a stomach flu going around when he was here yesterday to do our furnace tune-up. He said that a few people at his HVAC company were sick from work because of it. I hope that he didn’t get it from us, or worse, that we got it from him! That’s an added service that I hope our HVAC contractor does not provide!

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